Green is a loaded word nowadays. The growing awareness of human impact on the planet has inspired people to adopt green practices, but going green can mean a thousand different things to millions of different people. For some, choosing paper instead of plastic at the grocery store is sufficient green behavior. For others, only biodegradable, reusable containers will do. Some people monitor their carbon footprint daily, while many others aren’t completely clear on what a carbon footprint is. The ambiguity of going green has even been manipulated by corporations in the form of green washing — or creating the facade of sustainability to acquire praise or perks. Summit Sustainability was founded because we wanted to make going green less blurry and more approachable. We want to help businesses make lasting change in manageable, appropriate ways.

What We Do

Summit Sustainability partners with companies to strategize and execute custom sustainability plans that make sense. We understand that sustainability is buzzing around corporations, causing pressure to take action for reasons that don’t quite jive with the company culture. We aim to take sustainability out of the clouds and put it back in reach, so we can get more done and understand why we’re doing it in the first place. The efforts we make in the workplace end up making a positive impact for the planet as well as the people who are taking action.

Our Approach

Using the modern sustainability theory of the triple bottom line, we focus on empowering people (your staff) to make reasonable, effective changes that benefit the planet and, as a result, your bottom line. We start with your people because change can only happen when everyone who is directly affected by change is on board. Transitioning from traditional workplace practices to sustainable ones takes exemplary sustainable behavior and company-wide motivation. That’s where our expertise comes in. We coach your Green Team to brainstorm, coordinate and follow sustainable efforts to the end. No matter the size of the changes, staying motivated and focused on the “why” can feel impossible when obstacles present themselves. We provide resources to help the Green Team move forward.

Our expertise is geared toward making lasting change for small and mid-size companies across the globe. We aim to be a resource for our clients 24/7, which is why we’ve started this blog. From case studies to new research analysis and industry insights, the Summit Sustainability blog assists your company’s sustainability efforts. There’s a lot to learn about the growing field of sustainability, and we’re excited to share it all with you here.

If you ever have any questions about our content or additional insights to share, please email us your thoughts. We want to keep the discussion open, and our readers are a big part of that.